C2B Industry Solutions for AgroIndustrial

Wine Business


C2B Consulting represents a group of professionals whose desire is to provide the best solutions for our current and future customers/partners.


We put together not only the capability to implement one or several solutions software, but also the deep business and industrial knowledge, summarising them in robust and integrated solutions/products.


One proof of this, is that let our partners improve and digitalize their business processes. Simplify and Automate, selecting the best solution in terms of costs/benefits.


arises in order to achieve the wine industry challenges. The solution was developed in partnership with Borges Wine Society (SVB), established in 1884 by António and Francisco Borges, with a turnover in 2018 of 12,3 M€, 68 workers, with Farms in the Douro Region, Green Wine and Dão. Finally, adding up 30 SAP Users, supporting the new digitalized processes.





The solution covers all business processes for the wine transformation business, from managing/maintaining properties and producers, to the sales and distribution of different wines.


The development tools used for this solution were those provided by SAP (SAP ERP, integrated solution from SAP UI5, oData Services), using mostly standard processes, offering to the customer a fully integrated solution in all business areas, namely campaign management, finance, stock management, full batch traceability, quality inspections, production planning and execution, sales, among others.


The C2B Industry Solutions for Agroindustrial was the result of our company to investment in a new business area and a completely new team for researching and using best-of-breed technologies to develop a suite of applications that enhance the SA system user experience and had the support from IAPMEI in part of the financing through the C2B Industry Solutions for Agroindustrial project from the SVB pilot client providing business knowledge.


One of the main concerns in creating the solution was the usability and simplicity of each applications, as well as the speed and their integrity. SIMPLE, FAST, INTUITIVE are the words that we want to hear from users who use the system every day.


More than 50 APPs were developed to support the process, as well as the integration of measuring equipment in the logistics processes, such as the weighing process at the inbound of grapes and capturing of the required inspection characteristics.



The solution includes applications to support producers and agents1 master data management, delivery limits management, self-billing and price lists mass maintenance.


The solution addresses the critical core data, such as the property master data, material master data and all the stock keeping throughout the entire supply chain.







The life cycle of the winemaking process is fully covered by the solution, from property management, harvesting (contract management with producers, grapes inbound to invoicing), vinification (pressing, maceration, decantation, fermentation), cellar and aging management (batch constitution, treatments, filtration, etc.), bottling & labelling, finish product sales.


Full batch traceability and samples/analysis management are transversal in all processes, as well full finance integration.


The solution supports the full cycle at actual costing management, achieving the real cost per batch2.










has been designed for intuitive user experience, hence running on multiple devices – desktops, tablets and smartphones.
Furthermore it’s a role based, personalized and real-time set of applications.




1 entities that organize the grapes sale from different producers

2 depending on business SAP setup, which must include material ledger activation and actual costing setup