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C2B Industry Solutions for AgroIndustrial

Wine Business


The C2B Industry Solutions for Agroindustrial project developed a Wine Business solution and followed a methodology based on three main pillars – Information, Development and Innovation – to meet the challenges posed to the wine industry from cultivation, through the production process and ending at business as a whole:


1 – Information, in order to make known to the elements involved in the project (development team and pilot client) the challenges imposed by the wine growing and production business, the existing solutions business support available on the market, what are their strengths and weaknesses. Field visits, monitoring of processes carried out in the business operation, meetings and interviews with key elements supporting the business with the pilot client, investigating the business processes of other wine producers, studying existing solutions on the market were some of the activities carried out that led C2B to development of the Wine Business solution.


2 – Development, through tests and experimentation, consisted of the definition, architecture and execution of the solution, the result of the investigation carried out in the first major pillar of this project. At this stage, a feasibility analysis from a technological point of view and cost / benefit calculation using a fully standard tool from the SAP ERP system, ERP already in use by our pilot client, which is used by a high percentage of medium / large companies worldwide, making it impossible to integrate with any other management system.

The SAP technologies used are made up of a set of Fiori applications that are responsive Web and based on HTML5, which can be executed on any device and thus providing an excellent user experience. All communications with applications are carried out with OData web services, the data being stored in the SAP system database, which guarantees security because, as mentioned, this entire solution is developed with SAP technologies and made available to users through company’s SAP system.

This solution aims at operational optimization, fully integrated with all business processes of all wine production companies. After the technological definition, the design and implementation of the business processes, followed by laboratory tests with the pilot client, until final approval and entry into the production system. At the moment, the Wine Business solution has been operating full on the pilot client’s management system since July / 2019 with very positive results. This solution, which is under development, had the challenge of automating the integration with external devices, namely weighing systems and measurements of control points in the quality department, streamlining the registration and maintenance of key data in the logistics processes of the operation.


3 – Innovation, using the latest technologies, procedures and interaction between today’s users and the maintenance of crucial information for business management, the objective was to lighten the execution these tasks. Mobility, ease of movement, without loss of information, promoting collaboration and efficiency are the key points in deciding the solution developed.





C2B Industry Solutions for Agroindustrial is a research project in information technologies that allow the development of a product dedicated to the management of processes in the agroindustrial sector, applying innovative techniques and supported by the knowledge of the technologies of our employees and processes by a large company sector – Borges Wine Society (SVB) – which acts as our marketing partner research and development.



The R&D activities consisted of carrying out tests, trials, experimentation and integration of the solution for the validation and demonstration of this technology in the development of new products, in an operational environment and in a complete system (proof of concept and technology validation in a laboratory environment applied to each business process).
It was possible to conclude through market and internet research that there was a deficit of technological products that supported the management of specific processes in the agrifood production sector and in particular Viticulture.

The solutions available on the market for the agricultural sector in general denote great weaknesses and inefficiencies, downtime, low efficiency and high cost – if, on the one hand, there is an
technology used, on the other hand, there is still an inadequacy of this in view of the needs of use of economic agents who, in addition to increasingly demanding multi-device solutions, seek security, lexibility and extensibility, they want their applications to communicate with each other and above all with internalized ERP-type systems and they want a type of vertical solution that runs operations from the treatment of agricultural land to the marketing of the final product.

To date, there is no product that meets these requirements and that allows entrepreneurs to choose an efficient investment.
Our bet was to better understand the specific business processes of the agricultural sector and fill this technological market niche with an innovative solution in terms of automatic collection and treatment of business information, usability by users and compliance with legal formalities inherent to the sector.
This activity also intends to carry out a general survey of business processes in the agro-industrial sector and specific to the pilot client and which would potentially be available to be computerized and improved in the final product under development.


Co-financed and with the support of IAPMEI, FEDER and PT2020